Latrobe Health Assembly

Waterworks / Choose Tap Project


Project Objectives

WaterWorks was created and trialled by Gippsland Community Leadership Program and was a community resource package aimed at enabling Gippsland towns to establish (and promote) free tap water refill options throughout their town by utilising existing tap water facilities in local businesses. The trial project was run in the township of Trafalgar.

The project addressed a critical barrier of the existing Be Smart Choose Tap campaign (run by Gippsland Water) – access. Access to reliable and clean tap water, outside parks and public amenities, is often hard to find in regional and peri-urban communities leading to paid bottled water being the only choice. This project could play some part in helping address the consumption of sugary drinks by providing a free alternative.

WaterWorks will be officially launched in mid-2019.

Status Update