Latrobe Health Assembly

Volunteering in the Valley – HandsUp Latrobe Valley


Project Objectives

Sharlene Giddens was appointed to the role of Volunteering Development Officer in May 2019. The Volunteering Development Officer has created HandsUp Latrobe Valley, an initiative focused on the development and coordination of volunteering opportunities in Latrobe City.

HandsUp Latrobe Valley aims to build capacity for volunteer-involving organisations to develop appropriate volunteering opportunities and resources to adapt their volunteer engagement to the changing needs and expectations of volunteers in Latrobe City.

The Volunteering Development Officer has developed an extensive library of volunteer stories (video and text) that will be disseminated via the Latrobe Health Assembly social media channels. There are currently 28 volunteer stories (text) and 15 volunteer videos that will be shared over the coming months.

HandsUp Latrobe Valley has created and distributed a Volunteer Management Toolkit which has gone out to 13 organisations. Hardcopies are availalbe from Latrobe City Libraries, Latrobe City Council offices, Latrobe Health Assembly office and the Baw Baw Latrobe LLEN.

The Volunteering Development Officer is also currently researching legal and risk implications associated with the development of a Volunteer Card which is intended to centralise the due diligence required by agencies before formally engaging a volunteer. The Volunteering Development Officer currently has scheduled meetings with LCHS, Lifeline and SES aimed exploring this concept further.

Status Update