Latrobe Health Assembly

Smoking Cessation Engagement


Project Objectives

While the activities have led to a significant decrease in smoking across most of Gippsland, the rates of smoking in Latrobe City are still high, with the number of people who have quit successfully low compared to most other areas of the State.

A variety of activities being undertaken at the moment—in partnership with Gippsland PHN and others—are helping to prepare the medical workforce to assist those who want to quit, and/or initiate discussions at the health professional – patient level about quitting.

While that level of work is being undertaken, Quit Victoria has indicated it is keen to work with the Assembly and the local community, most likely through a series of qualitative interviews to understand if there are any drivers/issues specific to the Valley, and to test and explore findings from a recent Gippsland-wide survey on attitudes and behaviours around smoking and quitting. The aim is to develop an evidence base and possible interventions that are Latrobe City-specific.

Status Update