Latrobe Health Assembly

Restoring the Cycle bike restoration program


Project Objectives

Aiming to increase the social engagement of disengaged students, the development and implementation of the ‘Restoring the Cycle’ program with the Flexible Learning Option (FLO) School includes the restoration of used bicycles and scooters. The students that successfully complete the restoration of a bicycle will achieve a Certificate I.

Volunteers will be engaged to train a selected number of students in bike and scooter restoration who will become the program ‘champions’ and will guide the other students participating in the program.

The project will also have an artistic focus in which students creatively paint the restored bicycles and scooters. Once finalised the bikes will be shown in the Latrobe Regional Gallery with a night held for parents to attend.

The restored bikes and scooters will be either kept by the student or donated to local primary schools and charities of the students choosing.

See media release of ‘Restoring the Cycle’ gallery launch event

Status Update

The Restoring the Cycle bike restoration program will be launched in Term 1 at the Latrobe Valley Flexible Learning Option (FLO) School.