Latrobe Health Assembly

Food For All Latrobe Valley


Project Objectives

In response to the growing rates of food insecurity throughout Latrobe Valley, the need for a community-led Food Security Coalition to implement local strategies to address this growing concern was identified. As a result, the Food Security Coalition, known as Food For All Latrobe Valley (FFALV) was formed. The Coalition was developed using co-design principles and a collaborative approach engaging community members, community groups, food producers, health services, local government and retailers.

Multiple food systems mapping workshops were conducted to understand the local drivers to food insecurity within Latrobe Valley. These workshops asked the community to identify place-based solutions for their community. Forty-four objectives, strategies and actions were identified by community members and assembled into the first FFALV action plan. The action plan aims to address a range of factors contributing to food insecurity including; reduced access and availability to fresh and nutritious food, limited community engagement in food activities, reduced food and nutrition literacy, and high community preferences for unhealthy food options.

Status Update

Currently in implementation stage.