Latrobe Health Assembly

Dental Fluoride Varnishing Scheme – Grade 1’s


Project Objectives

The Latrobe Health Assembly, with support from Latrobe Community Health Services introduced Fluoride varnishing in local primary schools for Grad 1 students.

Fluoride varnishing in school age children is a preventative measure that is appropriate for Latrobe City. Fluoride varnish is a golden gel which is applied to children’s teeth using a soft brush. Fluoride varnish is effective in the prevention of decay in permanent teeth and should be applied to the teeth at least twice-yearly for pre-school children assessed at being at increased risk of dental decay.

How fluoride varnish works:

  • It slows down the development of decay by stopping demineralisation.
  • It makes the enamel more resistant to acid attack (from plaque bacteria), and speeds up remineralisation (remineralising the tooth with fluoride ions, making the tooth surface stronger and less soluble).
  • It can stop bacterial metabolism (at high concentrations) to produce less acid

Status Update